Monday, January 3, 2011

Auntie's Visit 2010

Dear Bloggers,

When my grandmother came back, my aunt had to bring her. So she came with her dog, Maxamole'. He's cute and everything, but hyper.

So when we get there, he had re-designed grandma's shoes. And when he saw us he started jumping. Wait, he can also give high five and dance the salsa.

Max is fun and kind when he listens. Here is a of us. Enjoy!
Thanks you for reading my blog.

Thanksgiving 2010

Dear Bloggers,

Before Thanksgiving, my grandmother, aunt and aunt's dog Max came to the ATL (Atlanta). YEAH, I was so happy, but my Aunt had to leave on Tuesday so that was a bummer. Other than that, it was fun.

My brothers and I couldn't wait. So before you know it, it was Thanksgiving. So my aunt and grandmother came to get us. Then we headed to Uncle's house. His girlfriend, Marrissa was nervous to see how her food would turn out, but the food was good. So then her family started to come. The kids were upstairs and the grown-ups were downstairs. We all had fun, ate alot and all of the above. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Bye, have a nice day.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

History, Christmas & New Year!

On Thursday my class went to the Atlanta History Center to learn about the colonial life. We went to on an old farm where some rich farmers lived. The mother and father had a lot of kids. Something that I thought was really unusual, was that the dad would take a bath first, then the boys use the same water as the father. Now it goes to the mother, and after the mother is the girls and they would use the same water as the mother. The family takes a bath once a week and that day is Saturday because they have to go to church on Sunday. The family had about 11 slaves to help them with the farm. The slaves came on a ship from Africa. We also saw how they made string and how they made silver. It was awesome. I would like to do it again but go to one of the mansions.

Friday was great because we were having a party.The party didn't start until 1:15 because we had a lot of tests to do that day. Everybody asked when the party would happen, and it was pretty annoying at first, but then it was time to go to lunch. Then we got back upstairs, then we had our party. We had a little game called, "Secret Santa." It was fun because if we got who our Secret Santa was, then we got a piece of candy. After the game, Ms. Aquil, our teacher, gave us her gift. It was one of those lights that you can put on your book when your reading in the dark and she got us some pencils with our names on it. We had game names and mine was "Caring Kennedy." That is what it said on my pencil. And last but not least a lollipop that looked like a Christmas Tree.

Happy New Everybody!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving & Other Stuff

Dear Bloggers,

Today is Thanksgiving and we're watching concerts.

I'm writing my blogs and I'm thinking will my followers like my blog. I've been practicing for the talent show this year. I have also been looking at violins but they're all too much. I've wondered how was yall's Thanksgiving. If you want to tell me put it in the comments box. I had said different things in this blog and I didn't have much to say, so have a nice day.

Be looking out for my next blog.

Dear Bloggers,
I know none of my blog fans have heard what has been going on, So I have bad news. I know you know, my brother Kenny, and you can see him at the bottom of this page. Well he has been very sick because he has had a headache,sore throat,and cough for a week and a half. His teacher, Ms. Bulbitiz has been very sad and his classmates misses him very much. But he should be going back to school on the 30th November.

I have a couple of questions to ask. Answer the questions in the comments boxes.

1) How was your Friday the 13th ?
2) Explain what is Friday the 13th.
3)If you were a super star who would you be?

When you write your answer leave your name. Be looking out for my next blog and I'm sorry I didn't blog earlier than this.

Monday, October 12, 2009


One day I was sick. But the day before that I was fine. It was a night mare, and you do not want to get sick like me. I was throwing up all my food and I was on the toliet like crazy. So if your at school always wipe down your desk but if your at a job wipe down your chair , your pencils , your pens , and anything else that people borrow. Don't be like me and get sick. I want everybody that reads this tell your friends to visit my website and if you have kids to call they can visit too, it is ok. And let well me if you know DJ call her and if you are Ms. karen call me and if you know me call me. We can all help you to not get sick like me
Thank you for suporting me and my website.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shots for School

My dad had told me that we had to get shots for school. My brother 's had thought that it will be fun, but once they got the first shot they started crying.
I had cried too, but sometimes I don't like to get shots. But we had to come back on Wesnday 19, 2009 because they gave us a shot that if it gets infected
that means that we might have a reaction.

We had bought Kenny ,Chris,and I some nice clothes and lunch box's.Kids hate getting shots for school. i know i do,but once I get older i want to hold daddy hand. Kenny my brother thaught that he was going to die,but I told him that it was going to be alright, and he
said that I was lining, but i told him i wasn't.

Sometimes I get afraid that daddy won't hold my hand.But he does but only if I ask him to .

Join me Kennedy Moore for more graet adventures