Sunday, January 17, 2010

History, Christmas & New Year!

On Thursday my class went to the Atlanta History Center to learn about the colonial life. We went to on an old farm where some rich farmers lived. The mother and father had a lot of kids. Something that I thought was really unusual, was that the dad would take a bath first, then the boys use the same water as the father. Now it goes to the mother, and after the mother is the girls and they would use the same water as the mother. The family takes a bath once a week and that day is Saturday because they have to go to church on Sunday. The family had about 11 slaves to help them with the farm. The slaves came on a ship from Africa. We also saw how they made string and how they made silver. It was awesome. I would like to do it again but go to one of the mansions.

Friday was great because we were having a party.The party didn't start until 1:15 because we had a lot of tests to do that day. Everybody asked when the party would happen, and it was pretty annoying at first, but then it was time to go to lunch. Then we got back upstairs, then we had our party. We had a little game called, "Secret Santa." It was fun because if we got who our Secret Santa was, then we got a piece of candy. After the game, Ms. Aquil, our teacher, gave us her gift. It was one of those lights that you can put on your book when your reading in the dark and she got us some pencils with our names on it. We had game names and mine was "Caring Kennedy." That is what it said on my pencil. And last but not least a lollipop that looked like a Christmas Tree.

Happy New Everybody!