Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving & Other Stuff

Dear Bloggers,

Today is Thanksgiving and we're watching concerts.

I'm writing my blogs and I'm thinking will my followers like my blog. I've been practicing for the talent show this year. I have also been looking at violins but they're all too much. I've wondered how was yall's Thanksgiving. If you want to tell me put it in the comments box. I had said different things in this blog and I didn't have much to say, so have a nice day.

Be looking out for my next blog.

Dear Bloggers,
I know none of my blog fans have heard what has been going on, So I have bad news. I know you know, my brother Kenny, and you can see him at the bottom of this page. Well he has been very sick because he has had a headache,sore throat,and cough for a week and a half. His teacher, Ms. Bulbitiz has been very sad and his classmates misses him very much. But he should be going back to school on the 30th November.

I have a couple of questions to ask. Answer the questions in the comments boxes.

1) How was your Friday the 13th ?
2) Explain what is Friday the 13th.
3)If you were a super star who would you be?

When you write your answer leave your name. Be looking out for my next blog and I'm sorry I didn't blog earlier than this.