Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Fashion Statement

My next blog is going to be about fashion. There are a lot of people that have fashion in vegas but people have lot of taste for school .

So like kids are going to have fashion just like the grown ups and people should have manners when they see nice clothes. I think I will be a fashion designer and
do things for some people and with some of my money. I will send people clothes who need them and I think some people should do the same thing as well like me and help.(today I made food for daddy, Kenny, Chris,and me, but lets get back to the story!)

I don't think people should be like that and not care about
another person that really needs it.

Thank you for reading my blog.


  1. thank u auntie for helping me with my blog

    ya auntie clap clap clap.

    ha ha.

  2. this one is a graet blog and somtime i come to see if people like my blog as much as i do.

  3. You are very welcome my Bookies! I love reading about whats going on with you, and I love working on this with you! You are da bomb!